UMa issues a new student guide (EN)

UMa issues a new student guide (EN)

The digital version of the Student Guide was made available in the academic year 2011 | 2012. The main reasons for this change are the severe economic situation, and the required budget restraint, to be environmental-friendly and be more attractive and dynamic to our target audience.

The University adopts a matrix organization model based on the interaction between units, vertical structures known as competence centres, and horizontal structures of education, innovation and service rendering.


1. Faculty of Arts and Humanities
President: Ana Isabel Ferreira da Silva Moniz

Departments: Art and Design; English and German studies; Roman Studies; Psychology; Human Studies

2. Faculty of Exact Sciences and Engineering
President: Maria Teresa Alves Homem de Gouveia

Departments: Physics; Mathematics; Engineering; Chemistry; Mathematics Science Centre; Madeira Chemistry Centre

3. Faculty of Social Sciences
President: Carlos Manuel Nogueira Fino

Departments: Education Sciences ; Physical Education and Sports; Management ; Economy ; the Centre of Applied Economics Studies of the Atlantic ; Education Research Centre

4. Faculty of Life Sciences
President: Maria Manuela Câmara de Gouveia

Departments: Biology; Health Sciences ; Centre for Macaronesian Studies

5. Higher School of Health
President: Otília Maria da Silva Freitas

Madeira Nursing School

6. Higher School of Technologies and Management
President: João Filipe Pereira Nunes Prudente

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