UMa issues a new student guide (EN)

UMa issues a new student guide (EN)

The digital version of the Student Guide was made available in the academic year 2011 | 2012. The main reasons for this change are the severe economic situation, and the required budget restraint, to be environmental-friendly and be more attractive and dynamic to our target audience.

The building of the Jesuit’s College, where today is located the Rectory of the University of Madeira was built to house the Diocesan Seminary of the Heart of Jesus. With their dissolution in 1768 "this building has been has been taken over by the government, and was home to various institutions related to teaching, education and armed forces”.

The State Secretariat for Higher Education and the Regional Secretariat of Education, though a joint decree, created in 1983 a commission to study the feasibility of establishing and functioning of an university in the region. In 1985, the abovementioned commission presented a study on the feasibility of the University of Madeira.                                                                   

In 1985, the abovementioned commission presented a study on the feasibility of the University of Madeira.

Three years later, by Decree-Law No. 319-A/88 of 13 September 1988, it was created the University of Madeira. The first administrative board was composed by the Chair member Mr. Raúl de Albuquerque Sardinha, the members Mr. Fernando Santos Henriques and Mr. José Luís Morais Ferreira Mendes and Ms. Ana Isabel de Portugal Almada Cardoso, administrator.



In 1989 / 90 it was created UMa’s first degree Physical Education and Sports.                      

In 1992, through the integration protocol of September 30, the Higher Institute of Fine Arts of Madeira has become an integral part of the University of Madeira under the name of Higher Institute of Art and Design (ISAD/UMa).                                                    

On March 13th, 1996, in the Amphitheater of the College building are approved by the Minister of Education, Mr. Marçal Grilo the statutes of the University.




From 1997/98 onwards, with the setting up of the Rectory at the Jesuit’s College, the University degrees were carried out at the Penteada University Campus.

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