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Post-Graduate Studies - Management Control and Performance | Applications 3rd call: 17-24 Octoberr 2016

Faculty:Social Sciences

Degree Code:
1 Curricular Year

University Code:1300
Ricardo Jorge Castro de Correia

Executive Director:

Pedagogic Director:
Rogério Serrasqueiro

The Postgraduate Study in Management Control and Performance has a strong applicational component, based on the increase of sharing, the study of practical cases and the variety of themes and experiences, in a permanent interaction environment with the business reality, promoted by a High-Quality Faculty. It offers the possibility of access to the Master in Management or Accounting available at the ISCTE-IUL. The ECTS obtained in that area of expertise will be credited.


Develop a strategic and integrated vision of the business, anchored in the Management Control and Performance to create value.

Analyse the main trends in the design of performance evaluation and management control models.

Learn the tools, techniques and instruments key to master the criteria and evaluation methods of the performance of organizations.

Develop skills that confer sensitivity to Executives so that they can apply in a practical and effective way, the acquired knowledge, thus contributing to the strengthening of a culture of rigor and excellence in the management of organizations.

To encourage the practical application of skills developed through the design and promotion of evaluation models Management Control and Performance in real organisational contexts.



Curricular Units of 6 ECTS (20 hours): Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays: 18:30 to 22:30 Saturdays: 9:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00

Curricular Units of 3 ECTS (10 hours): Friday: 18:30 to 22:30 | Saturday: from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 14.00 to 18:00


Graduates in Management, Economics and in other related degrees.

Managers, middle and senior management executives of organisations, responsible for the areas of planning, management control, accounting and finance.

Responsible for business units, or responsibility centres, accountants, auditors, Controllers, Consultants, ROCs and candidates to CF and ROC`s.

Professionals, current or potential, responsible for the preparation, implementation and control of budgets.

Executives who want to acquire, update or deepen knowledge in this field, particularly in the definition of objectives and monitoring.

Admission Requirements

Holders of a degree in Management, Economics and Accounting, or in other fields related to the post-graduation.

Applications 3rd call


a. Applications: 17-24 October 2016

b. Display of the selection of candidates: 25 October 2016

c. Deadline for complaints:26-28 October 2016

d. Display of final placement lists: 31 October 2016

e. Enrollment period: 01-04 November

e. Beginning of classes: 13 October 2016

Required Documents:

  1. Short CV (in conformity with the EU CV format);
  2. Copy of the Identity Card/ Citizen Card and Taxpayer Identification Number (only for Portuguese citizens who do not present the citizen card);
  3. Copy of the Diploma;
  4. Updated Photography.

Selection and Ranking Criteria:

a. Professional Experience (50%);

b. Academic, scientific and professional curriculum (50%);

c. Interview, in the event of a tie.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fee is 4800 Euros*. It can be paid in ten instalments.

a. Final year students and recent graduates registered in the Alumni Association of the University of Madeira will benefit from a 10% discount.

b. Member of the “Ordem dos Economistas” and of “ACIF” will benefit from a 5% discount.

*This figure includes

- Access to the library and to study rooms;

- Participation in the welcome cocktail and in the diploma delivery ceremony;

- Parking at the Jesuit's College (after 18h);

- Coffee Breaks;

Payment Plan

Application fee: 20€

Registration fee: 20€

Payment of the tuition fee: 10% when registering + 9 instalmentos of 10% in the remaining months. Discounts are cumulative.


Evaluation tests will take place every fortnight, before the beginning of the next curricular unit..

Thus, if the following UC corresponds to 6 ECTS (20 hours) tests will be held on Wednesday from 15h to 17h30. If the following UC corresponds to 3 ECTS, tests will be held on Thursday from 18h30 to 21h..

Appeal and improvement seasons will take place from May to June.

Openings 3rd Call


Curricular Units and ECTS

Scientific Field A Semester TP ECTS
Analysis of financial performance

Fin Existe/Exists S 30 6
Performance assessment and incentives

Cont Existe/Exists S 30 6
Management control of economic groups

Cont Existe/Exists S 30 6
Project management control

Cont Existe/Exists S 15 3
Project Finance

Fin Existe/Exists S 15 3
Management control and total quality

Cont Existe/Exists S 15 3
Management control framework

Cont Existe/Exists S 15 3
Strategy and management control

GG Existe/Exists S 15 3
People management and organizational behavior

RH Existe/Exists S 30 6
Corporate taxes management

Cont Existe/Exists S 30 6
Modelling management control systems

Cont Existe/Exists S 15 3
Financial performance and responsability

Cont Existe/Exists S 30 6
Planning, budgeting and control

Cont Existe/Exists S 30 6

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