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Post-Graduate Studies - Accounting and Taxation

Faculty: Social Sciences

Degree Code:
University Code:1300
1 curricular year

Executive Director:
Ricardo Jorge Castro de Correia

Pedagogic Director:
Isabel Lourenço

The Post graduate Study in Accounting and Taxation is based on a strong practical component, with presentation and resolution of practical cases, development of practical cases, encouraging the active participation of all members in the debate.

It aims to endow students with advanced knowledge in accounting and fiscal management based on up-to-date practical and legal knowledge; develop advanced skills in the framework and analysis of fiscal options posed to organizations and meet the conditions for the granting of credits by the Order of Chartered Accountants (Ordem dos Contabilistas Certificados (OCC)) both in access to career as well as in career development.


Fortnightly on Thursdays and Fridays: 6.30 – 10.30 pm; and Saturdays: 9.00 am – 6.00pm.


Graduates in Management, Economics and fields compatible with the nature of the post-graduation.

Executives with an ambitious profile and relevant work experience.

Middle and senior management staff of the various types of organisation seeking to obtain a sound and innovative training in accounting and taxation: administrators, managers, consultants, accounting auditors, economists, jurists, lawyers, TOC, ROC, public administration employees (central, regional and local).

Admission Requirements

Holders of a degree in Management, Economics and Accounting, Economics, Law or other fields related to the post-graduation.



a. Applications 3rd call: 09 - 11 October, 2017

b. Display of the selection of candidates: October 12, 2017

c. Deadline for complaints: 13 - 16 October, 2017

d. Display of final placement lists: October 16, 2017

e. Registration/ Enrolment: 17 - 18 October, 2017

Required Documents

  1. Short CV (in conformity with the EU CV format);
  2. Copy of the Diploma;
  3. Updated Photography.

Selection and Ranking Criteria:

a. Degree classification or equivalent (50%);

b. Academic, scientific and professional curriculum (25%);

c. Specific training in the scientific field of the post-graduation (25%).

d. Interview, in the event of a tie.

Tuition fees

4,500 euros. It can be paid in ten instalments.

a. Senior students and recent graduates of the degrees in Economics and Management registered in the Alumni Association of the University of Madeira and of ISCTE will benefit from a 10% discount.

b. Member of the “Ordem dos Economistas” and of “ACIF” will benefit from a 5% discount.

Openings 3rd call



Degree Plan and ECTS

Degree Plan - List

1º Year Scientific Area Level F A Semester T TP PL S E OT ECTS
Direito das Sociedades  Business Legal Studies  Advanced    Existe/Exists T1 10.00 3.0
Reporte Financeiro e Performance  Accounting  Advanced  Existe/Exists Existe/Exists T1 20.00 6.0
Princípios e Procedimentos de Contencioso Tributário  Accounting  Advanced    Existe/Exists T1 20.00 6.0
Contabilidade de Ativos Fixos  Accounting  Advanced  Existe/Exists Existe/Exists T2 20.00 6.0
Tributação do Rendimento das Sociedades I  Accounting  Advanced    Existe/Exists T2 20.00 6.0
Controlo de Gestão de Grupos Económicos  Accounting  Advanced    Existe/Exists T2 20.00 6.0
Fiscalidade Internacional  Accounting  Advanced    Existe/Exists T2 20.00 6.0
Contabilidade de Ativos e Passivos Correntes  Accounting  Advanced    Existe/Exists T3 20.00 6.0
Auditoria Contabilístico-fiscal  Accounting  Advanced    Existe/Exists T3 20.00 6.0
Tributação em IVA  Accounting  Advanced    Existe/Exists T3 20.00 6.0
Consolidação de Contas Avançada  Accounting  Advanced    Existe/Exists T3 10.00 3.0

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