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Post-Graduate Studies - Epidemiology and Prevention of Infection

Competence Centre: Exact Sciences and Engineering

Degree Code:
University Code:1300
1 Curricular Year

Degree Coordination:
Irene Gomes Câmara Camacho

Publice Notice

Healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) are a major concern in health care, which may affect both health professionals while carrying out their professional activity, as well as patients leading to an overload in health systems and increased hospitalisation costs

The control of hospital infections is very important to protect not only patients but also healthcare professionals and visitors against infection, assuming prevention measures based on adequate technical knowledge. Thus, this post-graduate course is intended to provide healthcare professionals with scientific and methodological support for a better performance in the workplace, both in the prevention and detection of outbreaks, thereby improving the quality of care in health services.


It will take place on Thursday and Saturday evenings


Training and development of professional and research skills related to Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAI);

Acquire skills in the field of epidemiological surveillance to ensure the timely development of prevention, monitoring and controlling actions of infection outbreaks.


Online Application Form

a. Application period: 12 -27 September

b. Display of the provisional list of admitted candidates: October 4

c. Deadline for complaints regarding the list of admitted candidates: 08 -12 October

d. Display of the final list of admitted candidates and interview scheduling (if any): October 15

e. Interviews (if any): 17- 18 October

f. Display of the provisional placement lists: October 19

g. Deadline for complaints regarding provisional placement lists: 22 - 26 October

h. Display of the final placement lists: October 29

i. Registration and enrolment: October 30 to November 06

j. Beginning of classes: November 12

Required Documents (attach the following documents in a single zip, rar or pdf file):

  1. Copy of the Citizen Card | Identity Card | Passport;
  2. Copy of the taxpayer identification number
  3. One copy of the Curriculum Vitae
  4. Copy of the Diploma
  5. Other documents that the candidate deems relevant to prove his/ her qualifications and curriculum
  6. If necessary, the jury may request the submission of additional documents.

Selection Process

The selection process will take into account:

a. Academic Curriculum

b. Professional Curriculum

c. Interview (if required).


15 | 25

Unidades Curriculares e ECTS

Degree Plan - List

Not specified.
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