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Post -Graduate Studies - Design of Places | Applications: 08 - 21 September

Faculty: Arts and Humanities

Degree Code:
University Code:1300
1 Curricular Year

Degree Director:
Susana Paula Gomes Luís Gonzaga

Objectives of this Cycle of Study:

The Post-Graduation in Design of Spaces aims to give continuity to the first cycle of studies in Design thus increasing the degree on offer at UMa. It also aims to provide professionals in related fields, such as architects, engineers and visual artists the possibility to apply for an advanced area of specialisation within the Design of Spaces. The main scientific objective of this degree is to ensure that students deepen and explore their knowledge within drafting, design, construction and lighting of spaces, indoors and outdoors. With a particular emphasis on redeveloping vacant or unused properties focusing on the assignment of value and quality to urban voids.

This post-graduate study will submitted for accreditation for master’s degree in 15/16.


4.00 pm - 8.00pm


This post-graduation prepares for the creation and development of temporary spaces, stands, concept stores, home interiors, public urban spaces, as well as for the design and development of equipment offering the user environments with high quality aesthetics, culture and comfort. Spaces that enhance interaction, socialisation and culture. By working different types of spaces, supported by strong expertise in materials, lighting, acoustics, construction, colour and perception of space, students explore key components aimed at a new dynamism, which stimulate the active social entrepreneurship to meet the contemporary urban challenges. At professional level they can work as interior designers, designers of ephemeral structures, of cultural events and of urban equipment.

Admission Requirements

Holders of a degree in the main field of the post-graduation, in arts or architecture.

Holders of a foreign higher education academic degree in the field or in related fields to the post-graduation, conferred following a 1st Cycle of studies organised according to the principles of the Bologna Process by a State that has adhered to this Process.

Applications 2nd Call


a. Application: 08 -21 September

b. Interview (if required): September 25

c. Display of the placement list: September 28

d.Deadline for complaints: 28 - 30 September

e. Enrolment and Registration (only via Infoalunos): 28 September - 02 October

Required Documents

  1. Copy of Identity Card / Citizen Card / Passport;
  2. Copy of taxpayer identification number;
  3. Curriculum Vitae (CV) and portfolio;
  4. Copy of the diploma and transcripts of completed courses or Diploma Supplement;
  5. Copy of other certificates and / or statements attesting professional experience that the candidate deems useful to demonstrate his/her qualifications and curriculum.

Selection criteria and ranking:

a. Degree classification;

b. CV and portfolio Classification;

c. Interview Classification (if required).


12 | 20

Degree Plan and ECTS

Degree Plan - List

Not specified.

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