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Post-Graduate Studies - Quality Management

Competence Centre: Exact Sciences and Engineering

Degree Code:
University Code:1300
Curricular Years

Degree Coordination:
Joaquim José Sanches Pinheiro

Laura Teixeira

The Post- Graduate Studies in Quality Management is an initiative promoted within the Collaboration Agreement signed between the University of Madeira (UMa) and the Portuguese Association for Quality (APQ). The quality management is becoming increasingly imperative for organisations to meet the competitiveness challenges of increased demand during a crisis, seeking to ensure responses through the differentiation of their processes, products and services. With a curriculum centred on issues of major importance to the dynamics of processes and improvement of the organisations, the post –graduate studies aims to develop the skills of its students with regard to the concept level and practical tools for quality management, improvement and control, with particular emphasis on the following objectives:

- To promote the strategic alignment of organizations regarding quality issues in order to boost their competitiveness and sustainability;

- To apply tools and methodologies to improve and control quality;

- Anchoring the use of these tools in the principles and practices for the total quality management;

- To stimulate, develop and implement programs and quality management systems


After Working Hours (Fridays and Saturdays)

Main Career Options

Upon the completion of this post-graduate study, students are expected to have the required knowledge to promote quality in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, from both a theoretical and practical point of view, particularly through the establishment of an appropriate balance and commitment between its organisational and technical aspects.

Target Audience and Access Requirements

+ Graduates in the areas of Engineering, Economy or Management with experience in the field of quality;

+ Middle or senior management positions on service organisations or industry, from the private or public sector, profit making or not;

+ Consultants in the field of quality;



a. Application period: June 18 - 12 July

b. Display of the list of candidates selected for admission: July 20

c. Deadline for complaints: 23-24 July

d. Display of the final list of admitted candidates: July 26

e. Registration and enrollment: 03 - 14 September;

f. Beginning of classes: September 21

Required Documents

The application will only be accepted once all the necessary documentation is delivered and the payment is processed. To attach several documents, ZIP or RAR them into a single file. You may send the digitized documents using the attachments field on the form. A pair of credentials will be generated and sent to your email that you should use to login to infoalunos and pay the fees associated with the Application. The payment may be done via Multibanco (ATM), Credit Card or Bank Transfer. Details will be available on the mentioned site. The applicant is responsible for the veracity of the submitted documents.

  1. 1. Summarised CV (Europass model);
  2. 2. Motivation Letter for the application;
  3. 3. Copy of the Citizen Card | Identity Card | Passport;
  4. 4. Copy of the taxpayer card;
  5. 5. Copy of the diploma;
  6. 6. Other documents that the candidate deems relevant to prove his/ her qualifications and curriculum.

Selection Process

The selection process will take into account:

a. Academic Curriculum (40%);

b. Professional Curriculum (60%);

c. Interview (if required).



Faculty Members

Unidades Curriculares e ECTS

Área Científica A Período TP ECTS
Fundamentos, Conceitos e Evolução da Qualidade

Qualidade Existe/Exists S 24 4,5
Ferramentas e Metodologias de Gestão e Engenharia da Qualidade

Qualidade Existe/Exists S 32 6
Sistemas de Gestão: implementação e certificação

Qualidade Existe/Exists S 32 6
Modelos de Excelência

Qualidade Existe/Exists S 32 6
Organizações, Liderança e Processos de Mudança

Sociologia Existe/Exists S 24 4,5
Accountability e Responsabilidade Social

Gestão Existe/Exists S 24 4,5
Gestão do Risco

Sistemas Avançados e Infraestruturas Existe/Exists S 24 4,5
Inovação e Empreendedorismo

Gestão Existe/Exists S 24 4,5
Contextos de Comunicação: Sociedade e Mundo Empresarial

Comunicação Existe/Exists S 24 4,5
Projeto (em Contexto Empresarial)

QUA ou GES ou SOC ou SAI Existe/Exists S 100 15

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