UMa issues a new student guide (EN)

UMa issues a new student guide (EN)

The digital version of the Student Guide was made available in the academic year 2011 | 2012. The main reasons for this change are the severe economic situation, and the required budget restraint, to be environmental-friendly and be more attractive and dynamic to our target audience.


How to access to Public Higher Education??

Students who complete the secondary school may access the public higher education through the National call for applications, Special call for applications Special Regimes.

The National call for applications is the most usual way of access to higher education. Through the latter, , applicants can apply up to six pairs institution / degree, i.e., six different combinations of institutions and degrees, which are listed in order of preference. In the national call for applications there are general quotas to which are assigned certain percentage of vacancies for applicants who meet each quota requirements and special quotas that include candidates from the Autonomous Regions of Azores and Madeira, Portuguese emigrants, people with disabilities and Military under contract.

The special calls for applications are intended for students with specific skills that encompass the following cases: people over 23 years, degree-holders, or a technological specialisation diploma and access to medicine by holders of a graduate degree.

The Special Regimes cannot exceed 10% of approved vacancies for the national call for apllications and are intended for students with specific skills and personal conditions, including: Portuguese officials in a diplomatic mission abroad and their families; Portuguese citizens awarded with a grant abroad or public officials on a official mission abroad, Portuguese military officers, national grantees from Portuguese-speaking African countries, diplomatic missions accredited in Portugal, high performance athletes and applicants from East- Timor.

For additional information on this subject, please refer to:

Who can apply to higher education?

All the students who meet the following criteria may apply to higher education: having completed with success the secondary school or equivalent; having carried out, in the academic year 2009 and/or 2011 and/ or 2011, the admission tests required for a degree in a institution and have in those tests a score equal or above the minimum classification set by that institution; to satisfy the prerequisites if required for that degree in that institution and having an application grade equal or higher than the minimum set by the higher education institution.

For the 2011 application can it be used admission tests done in previous years?

The secondary school national exams can be used as the admission tests in the year of its completion and in the following two years.

Thus, the exams carried out in 2009 and / or 2010 may be used in the 2011-2012 applications.

How many vacancies are there for each degree in each higher education institution?

The vacancies are set on an annual basis by the higher education institutions.

How, when and where are the applications presented?

AThe application is presented through the online system, on the site Directorate General of Higher Education website ( Thus ,the students wishing to apply to public higher education should ask for the password to access the online application and submit the receipt of the request for password assignment in the high school where they sign up for the national examinations, together with their exams registration form. The password assigned in previous years .does not allow the submission of the application in 2011

What are the prerequisites?

The prerequisites are conditions of physical, functional or vocational nature that are of particular relevance for access to certain higher education degrees. The prerequisites may, depending on its nature, be eliminatory, intended for the selection and ranking, or only the ranking of the applicants.

Is it required a minimum acceptable rating at the application score?

The higher education institution requires a minimum acceptable rating at the application score. It can only apply for a given pair institution / degree, students whose application score is not less than that minimum. The minimum scores required for access to each pair institution / degree are disclosed in the Guia da Candidatura ao Ensino Superior Público and the Guia da Candidatura ao Ensino Superior Privado e Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

Which are the application moments?

1st moment: from July 21 to August 8, for the applicants who meet the application conditions after the posting of the results of the 1st phase of the national exams; 2nd moment: 9 - 17 August, for the applicants who meet the application conditions after the posting of the results of the 2nd phase of the national exams. The Candidates from Porto Santo, for whatever reason do not wish to or cannot travel to Funchal, nor in the 1st or the 2nd moment, may make their application in the High School Francisco Freitas Branco in days yet to be determined.

What documents are required for enrollment?

The identification card and two photocopies, two passport photos; Taxpayer card and two photocopies; evidence of the Prerequisite (for the Sports and Physical Education and Medicine degrees.

Which are the necessary procedures to apply for the social benefits?

Submitting an application for the first time: Students must request the access credentials via this formformulário eand send it duly filled. The access credentials are sent to the phone contact provided by the student.

Re - applying: Students enrolled in higher education, and who already have acess credentials can make their application though this sitesite. Thereafter, the candidate fills the scholarship application form and submits it together with the documents listed at the end of the transaction through the documents area of the same page. The student, upon submitting his/ her application, receives the following message "your application was successfully submitted." The application will only be valid after the submission thereof. Otherwise, the pre-registration and its application will be canceled automatically by the system. The student is also notified that his application was eliminated.

Lybrary - How to find books on the shelves?

The distribution of different subjects can be identified in existing maps of the Library that are posted in various locations. The colors on the shelves indicate the thematic areas. The bibliographical references that make up the bibliographic collection (except those reserved, theses and deposit) are arranged on shelves, in a free access regime. The bibliographical references are classified according to the Universal Decimal Classification System (UDCS). Large signs are put on the shelves designating the subject, both numerically and alphabetically, and according to the UDCS.

Library - How do I order a book?

The user must go to the shelf, remove the book and present it at the reading room reception. In order to do so, one must have the Student or the identity card or the Student’s Union membership card (as long it has a picture and the student’s number).

How can I submit the written works?

All written Works of the courses taught at UMa must be submitted to the Student’s support office so it can be confirmer if the student hands in the work/report within the scheduled dates and undergo the plagiarism detection software. The works must be sent in the following formats: *.pdf (do not save as image), doc, *. htm or *.html and *.txt. The student, when sending the e-mail, must indicate in the body of the message the name, degree, the name of the faculty member who will receive the work/ report and the course. The file must be saved with the students’ name, course and name of the faculty member.

How can I to request the covers of the Reports/projects/ Dissertation and Thesis carried out within UMa’s Cycles of Studies and Degrees?

At least ten calendar days in advance, the applicant fills in the form available at, the link: Requisição de Serviços/Formulário - Modelos Trabalhos Académicos, the following information: Title of the Report/ Project/ Dissertation/ Thesis; the applicant’s full name, the name of the cycle of studies or degree; year and month of the report delivery; the number of volumes in which the work is divided; to indicate whether you hold a grant, the sponsor (if any) and the e-mail address of the applicant hiperligação: Requisição de Serviços/Formulário - Modelos Trabalhos Académicos, as seguintes informações: Título do Relatório/ Projecto/ Dissertação/ Tese; Nome completo do autor; Designação completa do ciclo de estudos ou curso; Ano e mês da entrega do Relatório/ Projecto/ Dissertação/ Tese; Número de tomos em que se divide o trabalho; Indicar se é bolseiro; A entidade patrocinadora (caso exista) e o e-mail do requerente.

Where can I find information regarding over 23?

AFor information regarding over 23, please refer to:

What is a student’s ombudsman?

It is a person of recognised merit with relevant knowledge and experience in the field of education and human relations, appointed for periods of two years, with the goal of finding solutions to the problems presented by the students. Currently, the student’s ombudsman is Luís Augusto Marques de Sena Lino, PhD.

What is the Psychological Consulting Service?

It is a service, of a confidential nature which was created in November 2009 to help in the promotion of personal development and psychological well-being of the community. During consultation one may share with the psychologist one’s doubts, fears, concerns and aspirations, so the psychologist can help him/ her to find new solutions to their problems.

How can I rent a locker?

One can make the request at the Student’s Union Secretariat (floor - 2; Penteada University Campus).

QHow much does it costs to have a meal at the canteen and the Academic Restaurant?

Canteen - Esplanada Jardim *
UMa’s students – 1st and 2nd Cycles - Weekly/eve 2,40 €
UMa’s Students - 1st and 2nd Cycles - Day (up to 10: 30) 2,60 €
University of Madeira employees 4,30 €
Other authorised users 4,75 €
Lunch service schedule: Monday to Friday - 12:00 to 14:30
Academic Restaurant *
Full Buffet 6,60 €
Dish 4,75 €
Soup 1,15 €
Dessert 4,75 €
Lunch service schedule: Monday to Friday - 12:00 to 15:00

* According to the legal terms there will be an updating of prices in October 01, 2011.

Which buses connect the centre of Funchal to the Penteada University Campus?

Buses no. 12, 13, 15, 15B, 17, 42, 46 and 49. One can check the timetables here.

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