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3rd Cycle - Biological Sciences | Applications: until 2 March 2018

Competence Centre: Life Sciences

Degree Code: 5087
University Degree: 1300
3 curricular years

Degree Director:
Manfred Josef Kaufmann

The Biological Sciences PhD Program main objective is to qualify skilled researchers with competence to conceptualize and develop research projects, in the university context, public or private sectors of the economic activity.

Main Career Options

Basic or applied research in any Biology; Consultancy, expert services, management and technical and scientific advisory functions; Study and application of processes and techniques in biomedicine, biotechnology, pharmacy and industry fields.

Admission Requirements

Those who meet the following requirements may apply to the third cycle of studies (cf. Decree-Law No. 74/ 2006, of 25th March, republished by Decree-Law No. 115/2013, of o7th August):

a. Holders of a Master’s Degree or legal equivalent;

b. Holders of a degree who present a relevant academic or scientific curriculum to attend this cycle of studies and acknowledged as such by the Scientific Council;

c. Holders of a relevant academic, scientific or professional curriculum to attend this cycle of studies and acknowledged as such by the Scientific Council.

Each PhD programme has specific admission requirements. For further information please refer to article 1 of the PhD specific Regulation.



a. Applications: until 2 March 2018

b. Registration and enrolment (only via Infoalunos): until 30 March 2018

Required Documents (attach the following documents in a single zip, rar or pdf file):

  1. Documents referred to in Article 9 of the Regulation for Doctoral Studies of the University of Madeira. (Cf. Regulations on Academic Affairs Unit Webpage)



Degree Plan and ECTS

Degree Plan - List

1º Year Scientific Area Level F A Semester T TP PL S E OT ECTS
Tese (Bio Dout)  Biology  Advanced    Existe/Exists A 28.00 180.00 180.0

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