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2nd Cycle - Ecotourism

Competence Centre: Life Sciences

Degree Code:
University Code: 1300
2 curricular years

Degree Director:
José Manuel Abreu de Jesus


The aim of this two- year cycle of studies is to train professionals with solid theoretical and practical knowledge, with a strong emphasis on business. To teach core knowledge in Biology, Geology, Economics, Management and Sport in order to provide skills and methodological tools that will allow the students to deal with the operation, administration and management of products and services related to ecotourism in a broad and multidisciplinary context. To provide students with an extensive training in various bulk areas of biology, geology and management essential for their future careers in Ecotourism. To train professionals with strong ethical and social values.

Main Career Options

Organisation, expertise and consultancy in the Ecotourism area; to participate and develop touristic projects (animation, research, training, etc) These activities may be developed in central public administration, regional tourism bodies, municipal authorities and associations, regional and local development associations, tourism and events companies, teaching and research.

Admission Requirements

Those laid down in Decree-Law No. 74/2006, of 25th March, republished by Decree-Law No. 115/ 2013, of 07th August. Candidates who meet the following requirements may apply:

a. Holders of a degree, or legal equivalent, in the field or in related fields of the master degree

b. Holders of a foreign higher education academic degree conferred following a 1st Cycle of studies in the field, or in related fields, organised according to the principles of the Bologna Process by a State that has adhered to this Process.

c. Holders of a foreign higher education academic degree that is recognised as meeting the objectives of a degree in the field, or in related areas, by the Scientific Council of the Master degree

d. Are also eligible the candidates who present a relevant academic, scientific and professional curriculum vitae to attend this cycle of studies and recognised as such by the Scientific Council of the Master degree.



a. Applications 1st Call: November 27 to December 29, 2017

b. Interviews (if required): 8-9 January, 2018

c. Display of the provisional placement list: until January 15, 2018

d. Deadline for complaints: 16-17 January, 2018

e. Display of the final placement lists: January 22, 2018 2017

f. Registration and enrollment: 22-31 January, 2018

g. Beginning of classes (scheduled): September, 2018

Required Documents (attach the following documents in a single zip, rar or pdf file):

  1. Curriculum Vitae;
  2. Copy of the diploma and transcripts of completed courses and grades or Diploma Supplement;
  3. Other documents that the candidate deems useful to demonstrate their qualifications and curriculum;

Openings 1st Call


Unidades Curriculares e ECTS

Degree Plan - List

1º Year Scientific Area Level F A Semester T TP PL S E OT ECTS
Biodiversidade  Biology  Intermediate      S1 28.00 12.00 6.0
Ecologia das Comunidades  Biology  Intermediate      S1 28.00 12.00 6.0
Geodiversidade e Património  Geology / History  Intermediate      S1 24.00 6.0
Política, Legislação e Biodiversidade    Intermediate      S1 30.00 25.00 6.0
Planeamento e Ordenamento Turístico  Turism  Intermediate      S1 48.00 2.00 6.0
Empreendedorismo  Management  Intermediate      S2 28.00 28.00 21.00 6.0
Ecoturismo, Recreação e Saúde  Sport Sciences  Intermediate      S2 6.00 14.00 12.00 4.00 6.0
Projecto    Intermediate      S2 10.00 9.0
Desenvolvimento e Gestão de Ecoturismo e Turismo Sustentável  Turism  Intermediate      S2 48.00 4.00 6.0
Metodologias de Investigação    Intermediate      S2 24.00 2.00 3.0
2º Year Scientific Area Level F A Semester T TP PL S E OT ECTS
Projecto e Tese/Estágio de Natureza Profissional    Intermediate    Existe/Exists A 200.00 60.0
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