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2nd Cycle - Applied Biochemistry | Applications 2nd Call: until September 27, 2017

Faculty: Exact Sciences and Engineering

Degree Code:
University Code: 1300
2 curricular years

Degree Director:
Helena Maria Pires Gaspar Tomás

The second cycle in Applied Biochemistry provides a comprehensive academic education in the field, focused on the practical aspects of this science (namely, its application in the health, food and environmental areas). This degree is aimed to all 1st cycle graduates in biochemistry, chemistry, biology, pharmacy or other related fields. It has a duration of two academic years. The first year implies the attendance of 8 courses, part of optional nature, whereas in the second year, the student develops a laboratory research project. A Master in Applied Biochemistry shall master advanced knowledge and techniques in the field of biochemistry, have aptitude for team work and solving problems autonomously as well as communicating scientifically orally and in writing.

Main Career Options

The main career options are in: Higher Education and Research Institutes/Centres; Companies/Industries in the field of Biotechnology, Environment, Food and Pharmacy; chemical, biochemical and microbiological Laboratories of Analysis; Scientific Journalism; Public Bodies and Regulatory Commissions.

Admission Requirements

Those laid down in Decree-Law No. 74/2006, of 25th March, republished by Decree-Law No. 107/ 2008, of 25th June. Candidates who meet the following requirements may apply:

a. Holders of a degree, or legal equivalent.

b. Holders of a foreign higher education academic degree conferred following a 1st Cycle of studies, organised according to the principles of the Bologna Process by a State that has adhered to this Process.

c. Holders of a foreign higher education academic degree that is recognised as meeting the objectives of a degree, by the statutorily competent scientific body of the higher education institution to which candidates wish to be admitted.

d. Are also eligible the candidates who present a relevant scientific and professional curriculum vitae to attend this cycle of studies and recognised as such by the Scientific Council of the Master.

Masters that offer professional qualifications and skills to practice educational activities require:

a. To be fluent in Portuguese, both orally and written (in accordance with Article 10 of Decree-Law No. 43/2007 of 22 February), and prove it by means of a written and oral exam, according to the "Normas para a avaliação do domínio escrito e oral da língua portuguesa na seleção dos candidatos aos mestrados em ensino"at the University of Madeira.

b. Compliance with the specific rules laid down in Article 11, Decree-Law No. 43/2007 of 22 February.



a. 1st Call: 16 June to 10 July, 2017

b. 2nd Call: until September 27, 2017

c. Interviews (when existent): 1st Call: 13-14 July 2017| 2nd Call: until October 2, 2017

d. Display of the provisional placement list: 1st Call: until 20 July 2017 | 2nd Call: until October 4, 2017

e. Deadline for complaints regarding the provisional placement list: 1st Call: 20-24 July 2017 | 2nd Call: 4-6 October 2017

f. Display of the final placement list: 1st Call: until 26 July 2017 | 2nd Call: until October 10, 2017

g. Registration/ Enrollment (only via InfoAlunos): 1st Call: 26 July-04 August 2017| 2nd Call: 10-16 October 2017

Required Documents (attach the following documents in a single zip, rar or pdf file):

  1. Curriculum Vitae;
  2. Portfolio only required for the Master in Spatial Design (optional for the Master in Interactive Media Design);
  3. Certified copy of Degree Completion and information on each completed course or Diploma Supplement;
  4. Copy of other documents that the candidate deems useful to demonstrate their professional experience, qualification and curriculum;

Openings 2nd call

12 | 08


Offer subject to a minimum of ten students enrolled at the end of the 2nd enrollment period.

Degree Plan and ECTS

Degree Plan - List

1º Year Scientific Area Level F A Semester T TP PL S E OT ECTS
Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering  Biochemistry  Advanced  Existe/Exists Existe/Exists S1 48.00 24.00 7.5
Food Chemistry  Biochemistry  Advanced    Existe/Exists S1 48.00 24.00 7.5
Option I      Existe/Exists Existe/Exists S1
Toxicology  Biology  Advanced  Existe/Exists Existe/Exists 80.00 7.5
Seminar I  Biochemistry  Advanced  Existe/Exists Existe/Exists S1 24.00 48.00 7.5
Free Option      Existe/Exists Existe/Exists S2
Celular and molecular characterization techniques  Biochemistry  Advanced  Existe/Exists Existe/Exists 48.00 24.00 7.5
English B2.2  Foreign Language  Intermediate      64.00 7.5
Molecular Modelling  Biochemistry  Advanced    Existe/Exists 48.00 24.00 7.5
Professional Project  Biology  Advanced      52.50 7.5
Supervised Training II  Biochemistry  Advanced    Existe/Exists 100.00 7.5
Environmental Biochemistry  Biochemistry  Advanced    Existe/Exists S2 32.00 48.00 7.5
Diagnostic Lab Techniques  Biochemistry  Advanced    Existe/Exists S2 16.00 64.00 7.5
Option III        Existe/Exists S2
Advanced Topics in Biochemistry  Chemistry  Advanced    Existe/Exists 48.00 24.00 7.5
2º Year Scientific Area Level F A Semester T TP PL S E OT ECTS
Project/Dissertation  Biochemistry  Advanced  Existe/Exists Existe/Exists A 64.00 60.0

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